What is a Windows VPS server?

 VPS or virtual server is virtual hosting type, in fact division to physical server different partitions. Users will enjoy the VPS server by a dedicated server provides the security, but they will have to physical sharing a server. VPS to compare, a set of server in the server. Each free VPS can have their own independent of the operating system, and from other server can work, no influence. A single VPS account can contain a system, and start a separate a dedicated server will not affect other server. 


VPS server can be through the control a different server application. And 2008 roll out Hyper-V and Windows of the VPS server providers now have a more safety and reliable platform, more than his predecessor Windows virtual server 2007. VS 2007 can't such as VMWare, but with Windows of the VPS managed server Hyper-V and Windows 2008 customers with existing product competition can expect better experience and performance improvements on the market at present when running from VMWare and other virtual machine manager Windows operating system. 


Windows VPS server advantage 


free Windows VPS server has a familiar function, administrators hope from its creator. Using familiar Windows interface, and set up the window VPS server is a breeze. Due to the familiar with different types of custody Windows applications, the administrator can easily adapt to the Windows of the VPS server, and improve the safety. 


The Windows server is also useful VPS for enterprise and individual, executive higher traffic web sites, complicated application or request, can not be Shared hosting provides customizable environment, but don't want to with better control of security for hardware cost. 


Windows VPS server faults 


A VPS running on Windows operating system will make you think twice, because it will need a lot from server resources. But, this can be used to solve the latest version of Windows 2008 safe core, a scale of Windows operating system version, but some customers if running a large number of applications, may need a dedicated server, because Windows operating system resource requirements. 


VPS server Windows and Linux VPS server 


Windows VPS server is often than Linux VPS server. The two free VPS server operating system have their own advantages and disadvantages. Price wise, Linux is obvious winners, because it is an open source, this means that the server hosting get free software. 


On the other hand of Windows may be expensive, because pay the licence. Linux is mainly based on the disadvantages of this type of hosting the strange feeling. But, when it comes to performance, which is almost the same because they based on themselves, and not the operating system hardware is mostly their performance.